Monday, March 30, 2009

Well pictures didn't go quite as planned. Kailee wanted nothing to do with them. :( She cried about the entire time. It just wasn't a very good day to do pictures. Hunter didn't want to cooperate very well either. We managed to get 3 pictures of her looking at the camera. The first one Hunter had a wierd look on his face, so that one was out. The second one she was pretty much laying flat on her back, and you couldn't see her very well. The third was ok except her dress was sticking up in the back. So we ended up with the last one. It's a good thing the package was cheap. I think I'm going to try and get Kailee's picture done again on Thursday morning.
Yesterday we had my parents, brother, sister, her boyfriend and the foreign exchange student staying with them over for lunch. My brother is taking off next Monday for Montana for the next 2-3 years. He will be about 40 miles north of Yellowstone. He won't be able to come back home until September for our cousin's wedding. On Saturday we are getting together with the rest of the family for a going away party. It will definitely be different not to have him around here all the time.
On the design front, I have some exciting things come up. :) Stay tuned for more details. ;)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Well I didn't make it on to Round 4. :( I had a lot of fun and am happy I made it as far as I did. I definitely learnt a lot and plan to keep dabbling with designing. I've already started on another kit. I don't know when I will get it done though.
Kailee has finally started to sleep through the night this last week! Yeah! She usually goes from about 11 until 6:30. Now I just have to get myself to call it quits when I lay her down. I've been staying up late and getting some things done around the house that I haven't been able to get done during the day. Morning definitely comes quick then. :P
Going to try and get the kids' pictures taken tomorrow. I have the hardest time picking out what clothes to put on them when it comes to pictures. I'm getting Kailee's 3 month picture done and then all 3 of them together. The grandma's keep asking when they are going to get one. ;)
Speaking of pictures, Michaella had her dance pictures taken this week, too. The girls had trouble deciding on how they wanted to have their group picture taken. Cindy finally stepped in after about 10 minutes and set them up. You can definitely tell we are getting close to the teenage years with some of the looks they were giving. ;) Yikes, where has the time gone!
Well my kids seem to think I'm starving them so I better go get some dinner made.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Art of Nature Add-on

Today is such a dreary day. :( Yesterday was so nice. The kids spent the majority of the day outside, and now today they are cooped up inside. Paul unloaded in Georgia yesterday, so it's just the kids and I. Good thing it's a free view on Starz this weekend and they are playing a bunch of good Disney movies. Definitely a good day to stay home and veg out. I'm also working on getting some challenge layouts done at ScrapMatters and trying to keep busy so I'm not obsessing about finding out if I made it to the next round or not. ;)

Well here it is. :) I finally finished the preview for "The Art of Nature Add-on".

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Enjoy! :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bright Sunshiny Day Elements

Wow, things have been pretty busy around here lately. I had planned on getting the paper pack addon posted sooner, but as you can see I didn't get that far. On Sunday we had Kailee's baptism. Everyone thought she looked so cute in her little dress. Monday night I had my beginners class at the LSS. Had a full class again. It has been quite awhile since I have had that many, so it was really nice. I was offered the Advance Cardmaking class since the other teacher quit, but had to turn it down. I can't make a card to save my life. ;) I have tried and tried to make cards, but I just can't seem to do it. This morning Michaella had to dance at the local Home Show. She did fairly well considering the person she lifts several times in the routine wasn't there. She is getting excited to go to competition for the first time the end of next month. Hopefully we can make a weekend away out of it. She also has her school program that Friday and is trying for a speaking part this year.

Most of my week was spent working on Round 3 of the Design Star competition at ScrapMatters. We were to make an element pack to go with last weeks paper pack. Well without further ado, here is what I came up with.

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I had a lot of fun coming up with these elements. :) I will find out sometime on Monday if I move on to Round 4. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Here is the Paper Pack Addon for Bright Sunshiny Day. Hope you enjoy it. :)

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I will try and get "The Art of Nature Addon" up soon. ;) I'm still working on the preview.

Friday, March 13, 2009

First Posting

First I would like to welcome you to my blog and thank you for stopping by. :) Wow, did I have a surprise earlier this week! I decided to try the Design Star Competition at ScrapMatters just for the heck of it. ( We had to design a mini kit with 3 papers and 3 elements. The color palette they gave us was so awesome. It reminded me of our vacation to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks this summer.

If you want to grab my Art of Nature mini kit from round one you can find it here:

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I also have some more elements and papers for this that I will try to upload later.

When I uploaded my kit and posted it, I figured that I would probably not make it past the first round. I had dabbled around a bit with designing scrap products, but nothing too serious. Well when I logged into the message board on Monday morning, I couldn't believe what I was reading. There on the list of participants moving on was my name!!!:O Talk about making a person do a double take. ;) Anyway our assignment for round 2 was to design a paper pack with 3 solids and 5 patterns. My inspiration for mine came while I was trying to get my little munchkin to sleep. ;) Her sleeper was just the inspiration I needed for colors and theme. Here is the preview for my paper pack:

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Well I also came up with several other papers to go with it, too. I will work on getting them together and uploaded so you can pick them up, also. I had a lot of fun designing these 2 items. Even if I don't move on to round 3 I learned a lot.


Well my little munckin decided her nap has been long enough, so I better go get here.