Sunday, March 14, 2010

Well it's just the kids and I again this weekend. Paul got unloaded in Kansas on Friday and the truck decided to spring an oil leak. grrrr. So he is unfortunately stuck out there until at least Monday. Hopefully the part he needs gets there then and he can get moving again. (anyone looking for a truck? I have one I'm looking to get rid of. ;) )

I picked up Michaella's Girl Scout cookies on Friday. So far I have been very good and they are still closed. But boy are they calling my name from the cupboard. lol. :) I'm thinking this is going to be her last year in Girl Scouts so I really have to make those cookies last. They have the meeting on Saturday mornings and she has probably only been able to make to about 3 of them so far this year. Paul thinks we should put them in 4-H, so that they both are involved and we don't have to worry about a ton of different meetings for various activities then. He was in 4-H when he was younger, so he says he can help them with their projects. (The catch is he would have to have time when he is home to actually do that though.) We have a couple more months to decide what we are going to do.

Well Michaella's dance performance went fine on Saturday morning, even though about half of her class wasn't there. (neither was the teacher, for that fact.) They did a good job of improvising where they needed to. I received a call from my mother-in-law at 1:00 that afternoon wondering were everyone was. I didn't think to call and tell her that the time had changed for when they dance, so she went by the time that was printed in the paper and all the advertisements. (normally she has a tendency to forget about it and not show up.)

Just found out this afternoon that school is starting early next year. In the state of Minnesota, schools are not allowed to start before Labor Day. Well last year our school along with 20 other ones in the area petitioned the state to start what is called a "flexible learning schedule". The state made it sounds like they were going to approve it then, so the schools all went ahead and made a school calendar with that start date and sent the new schedule home at the end of the school year. They were supposed to find out in May or so if it didn't go through. In the middle of June, they suddenly we told that it wasn't going to be allowed. So they all decided to try again this year, and it finally got approved. So that means my kids now start school on Aug. 23 instead of Sept. 7. That also means that we should get out before June though, too. (I'm kind of excited about that. :) ) It also puts our schools more in line with the area schools in Iowa and South Dakota. Hopefully it also means they will be able to build a couple snow days into the calendar again next year, unlike this year.

I forgot to mention who I'm going to be guest CT'ing for in my last post. The official announcement was made earlier this week in the Scrap Matters forum. :) I'll be doing a one kit guest CT for Man in the Moon Designs! I'm so excited! I have loved her designs since the Design Star contest last year. One of her recent kits is being used for the Quick Page Exchange. (for details on that see a couple post below. :) )

Andilynn Designs has two great new products out this week, Fair are the Meadows and Facts Matter Vol. 1. I just love the colors in Fair are the Meadows. They feel so springy. Here is one of the layouts I've made using these awesome products. She also has a great freebie up on her blog until the 18th to go with this.

Well that is all for now. :) Until next time, Happy Scrapping! :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

What a week! I unfortunately didn't get through this round of sickness with the kids without getting sick myself. :( Unfortunately I woke up very early Tues morning and got sick. That only lasted a couple hours, but I felt pretty miserable for the entire day. Thankfully my dad was able to come and get Kailee and help the kids get ready for school. She ended up staying at their house until yesterday after school. That is the longest she has been away from me since we brought her home from the NICU. Usually she can only make it about 36 hours before she becomes really upset and nothing can please her. I had to teach preschool yesterday and today, so she went back for the day today.

Today when I got done teaching and went out to the car, it wouldn't start. :( Good thing I have AAA. Got it jumpstarted and it started right away. When I got home I put our battery charger on it right away, but am still waiting to see if it will start again later on tonight. According to Paul it's a 5 year battery. We have been using it for 7 1/2, so I guess it's probably about time to get a new one. ;) Paul just called a little bit ago, too, saying that the truck was in the shop, again. Apparently after he got unloaded, it started leaking oil all over. He could be down until Mon or Tues. He's in western Kansas. Why is it that this stuff always has to happen when he is so far from home. If it would happen somewhere closer, he could either make it home for awhile or we could go to where he is.

Tomorrow we have to be up at the school by 8:00 am because Michaella has to dance at the Home and Garden Show. They were originally supposed to dance at 1:00, but the time was changed (after all the advertising went out for it, of course). So not looking forward to having to get up early on our only day of the week we get to sleep in usually.

Now on to the new digi stuff out today. :)

Some more great deals at Scrap Matters today! Trixie Scraps has released her second P365 grab bag, Lovey Dovy Days, today. It contains a mini kit, template pack and 3 element packs. It is available this week for only $3.50. Hurry and grab it before next Friday when it will get split up and everything will be sold seperately. I used the mini kit to create the layout below.

Several of the designers at Scrap Matters have again gotten together and released a new Mega collab for the month of March. It is available this week for half price. Hurry and grab it before March 19 because it will be going back up to full price. Check out the sneak peek of the kit below.

Don't forget to check out the clearance sale while you are there. You still have a couple days left to get some great deals before those products are gone for good.
Until next time, HAPPY SCRAPPING! :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Big Sale at Scrap Matters

What a weekend we had. It started with Hunter staying home from school on Friday because his stomach hurt. I'm pretty sure that was just because he was overly tired, though. The kids started their extended school day on Monday to help get rid of 3 snow days. That means they get on the bus shortly after 7 and don't get home now until a little after 4. By Wed I could really see the effects it was having on them, so Thur they were in bed by 7 already. I get to look forward to one more month of this, but I guess it's better than having to go the second week of June. They lost on vacation day in April (teacher inservice) and the school year did extend by one day. Now just have to keep our fingers crossed that we don't have anymore snow days. Anyway on Saturday the kids went to my parents while Paul and I went in to get our taxes done (yuck :P). When we were done I went to my parents to have supper there because they were having my grandma over to celebrate her birthday with her while Brian was home. Paul had to come back to town to work on the truck and trailer, so he could leave on Sunday. Just as we sat down to eat, Hunter got sick. :( He went and laid down on the couch and fell asleep, so I waited to go home until he woke up again. Seemed like it was going to be a one time thing.

Unfortunately that wasn't the case. At 3 am I woke up to Michaella standing next to me telling me she threw up on the steps. I quickly sent her to the bathroom. Got the steps cleaned up and went to check on her only to find out I had to clean the bathroom, too. When everything was cleaned up Michaella said she was feeling better, so sent her back up to bed with a bucket. Not more than 10 minutes after I got back into bed Kailee woke up. And you guessed it she had thrown up, too. This time I made Paul get up, too, and help me. Got her, the crib and carpet cleaned up. Got back into bed and within minutes she did it again. Thankfully most of it was on her blanket, so it didn't take much to clean it up. Again got it cleaned up and into bed only to hear both Michaella and Hunter upstairs starting again. :O Moved them downstairs to the floor with buckets. Michaella & Kailee ended up getting sick one more time before we were finally able to call it a night. By Sunday morning, Hunter and Kailee were feeling much better, but Michaella was still feeling pretty icky. They all pretty much just laid around on the floor and couch all day. Even got all 3 of them to take a 2 1/2 hour nap. Today seems to be much better. I'm so glad this was a weekend that Paul was home because it would not have been much fun taking care of all that on my own. Not that it was fun doing it with him, but it would have been worse.

Since the last time I posted I got a couple new CT spots! Woohoo! :) First I'm now a member of Sya's Blueprints CT. Love her templates! Make sure to check them and her great collab kits out at Scrap Matters. Speaking of Scrap Matters...I got a guest spot on the CT for July!!! I can't wait! I told Paul he had to take all the kids in the truck for the month, so I could spend the entire month scrapping. lol. Unfortunately he didn't quite go for the idea. ;) I also got a one kit guest spot for another great designer at Scrap Matter, but I have to wait a little bit to tell you who that is since the official announcement hasn't been posted yet.

Have you seen the awesome date elements that Andilynn Designs has put out recently? They are so neat. Check out Dates Matter Vol. 3 on my layout below. The square comes in 3 different variations and each section is customizable. Love the fact that you can thrown a little bit of journaling on it. If you want a chance to win it make sure to head over to Andilynn's blog and post a comment. The kit I used on it is Trixie Scraps' new collab with Madame Wing, Daisy Crazy. Aren't the colors of the kit just absolutely cheery and so full of spring fun? (which I am so ready for :) ) It was so much fun to work with.

So much fun stuff going on over at Scrap Matters this week! First up is the HUGE clearance sale going on. Make sure to stop by the shop and check it out. Many of the designers have items at 50-60% off! Below are Trixie Scraps' and Sya's Blueprints' ads. If there is anything there you want make sure to grab it now because on March 14 they will be gone forever.

Today is also the start on another great Quick Page Exchange. This month we get to use the adorable kit So Big by Man in the Moon Designs. It's perfect since I have so many of Kailee's baby pictures to scrap yet. They say that the more kids you have the less pictures you take. I know that is definitely not the case here. lol. I have way more pictures of Kailee than the other two combined probably. The joys of having a digital camera. :) I can just keep taking pictures and not have to worry about the cost of having to print them all.

And last but definitely not the least in any way, make sure you make your way over to the Scrap Matters forums on Thurs night to participate in the great speed scrap being hosted by the wonderful Tracy of Trixie Scraps. :) It starts at 8 pm EST/5 pm PST. Check out the beautiful participation prize she has created for it.

Like I said a lot of fun things happening over at Scrap Matters, so make sure you come and check it all out. :) Until next time...