Monday, August 24, 2009

ScrapMatters has kicked off a *NEW* weekly feature -- MANIC MONDAYS!!! Don't miss out on your chance to get products at extra reduced prices.... Sales will last for one day ONLY.... Make Monday your FUN DAY!!!!! Check the ScrapMatters Shop for more details!! *Manic Monday sales go into the shop early Monday morning and will "disappear" around midnight! So don't wait!!!
This week, Trixie Scraps has decided to put her kit For the Girls, on sale for 50% off - it's just $2.50, today only!! Click on the preview below to hop on over to Scrap Matters to scoop it up.

Did you know that she has several coordinating products for this kit, as well? While they aren't on sale, they would be a great compliment to your purchase if you decide to snag the full kit! They include glitter styles, quickpages, and a scallop-edge brag book .

Andilynn also has her Hot August Nights kit on sale for 50% off, making it only $2.75!!

While you are there checking out these awesome kits make sure to see what some of the other designers have on sale, also. There are some really great buys to be had today.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My exciting new!

Well I can now officially announce that I'm a Scrap Star!!! Woohoo! I'm one of the new members of Trixie Scraps CT. You can check out her awesome products at Scrap Matters. I'm so excited to work with her and all the other lovely ladies on the CT.

Here is a page I created using her It'a a Slumber Party kit. It was so much fun to work with. There are so many fun slumber party elements in there. It also has a lot of other elements in it to make it great to use on pages other than sleeping or slumber parties, too.


I also got to work with her new You're a Star kit. It's full of glitz and glam and so much fun to use. Perfect for the little diva in your life. :)



Don't forget to get her August Grab Bag because tomorrow it is getting broken up. It is full of some great items and is a great deal at only $4.oo.

Happy Scrapping!

Friday, August 14, 2009

I finally have all my little munchkins home with me. After Michaella got home from being in the truck, she and Hunter switched places. Michaella went to Paul’s mom and dad’s from Sunday to Sunday and Hunter went in the truck with Paul. Hunter ended up being in the truck with Paul for 2 weeks. They were all over with the truck (PA, VA, CO, MI and everywhere in between). So I ended up only having one kid home for 2 weeks. The second week Hunter was gone I had Michaella at home, too. It was nice to have some time with just one or two of them, but I’m glad to have them all home with me again. As the saying goes, “They drive me crazy, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything.” I think they are happy to be home, too, though they both had a great time being away.
Only 3 ½ weeks left before the older two start school again for the year. The girls and I did the school shopping last week. Still have to get them both gym shoes and some new clothes, but other than that they are ready for school to start. We got the school letter in the mail on Saturday with who their teachers are. Now they are both wondering who will be in their classes. Hopefully they both have at least one of their friends in the same class again this year. I can’t believe Michaella is going to be in fourth grade already this year. Two more years and she will be in junior high already. Ahhh, where has the time gone.
Kailee has grown so much in the past month, too. Her top two teeth finally broke the surface last week. Not only did they come in but she got another one on the bottom at the same time. I think the one on the bottom is working its way through, too. She has also started crawling on all fours now. She started getting around by doing a combination of sitting up and rolling to get where she wanted, but it didn’t take her long to figure out the “army crawl”. On Monday, she finally started to move on all fours. She has also started to pull herself up against anything she can. Boy does she get herself in trouble now. It’s amazing how fast she is and how far her little arms reach when she wants something. LOL. We are also one step closer to getting her moved up to Michaella’s room. My dad got the new window installed up there this week. Now we just have to clean it up a bit and rearrange the room.
I had to take Hunter to the dentist again on Wednesday. Apparently his mouth isn’t quite big enough for his permanent teeth. So he had to have two of his bottom baby teeth pulled to make room for his one permanent tooth that is coming in. He will probably have to have the same thing done with the other side because that one is coming in way behind the baby teeth, too. He was pretty excited to finally teeth because that meant the tooth fairy was going to come and he would get money. He thought that since they had gotten pulled he should get a million dollars, though. The tooth fairy on the other hand thought that was a bit steep. LOL. He got the going rate, instead.
Did you get a chance to check out Scrap Matters’ Birthday Celebration last weekend? I managed to get a few of the festivities, but not near as much as I had hoped. Since Paul was home we got a few things around the house done and took the kids to the zoo on Saturday. I did manage to do quite a bit of shopping at the sale, though. Andilynn Designs released an adorable set of page kits called Love You Forever Emma & Love You Forever Ethan. You can get them separately or as a set. They work great for baby pages to wedding pages to everything in between. I did a couple pages with Love You Forever Emma. Go check them out at Scrap Matters if you haven’t seen them yet.


I also have some very exciting news, but I need to wait until it's announced before posting here. So check back later to find out what it is. :)
Happy Scrapping,