Friday, July 24, 2009

3 post in one week!

Oh my, this is my third post in one week. Can you believe it? hehe. :)

Andilynn has a couple new alphas in her shop. :) They are so versitale. I did a couple of Disney layout with them. The first one uses the Simply Stamped Alpha-Red. The pictures are from 2005 when we went to Disney World. It was a complete surprise for the kids. During our 24 hour drive we dropped several hints where we were going, but they didn't catch on. We thought for sure they would figure it out once we were on International Dr., but even with all the Disney signs and ads they still were clueless. As we pulled on to property and Michaella seen the big arch with the Disney characters on either side, she finally figured it out. It was so funny. :)

This one uses the Simply Stamped Alpha-Charcoal. When we went to Disneyland, we decided to see Mickey in Toontown. I had never seen him in the Steamboat Willie outfit before.

Hunter ended up leaving me this week, too. So I only had Kailee at home this week. Hunter had his last Kinderball game on Wednesday and Paul's mom, grandma & aunt showed up to watch him. After the game, Paul's mom asked if he wanted to go home with her for a couple days. Of course, he jumped at the chance to spend a few days with grandpa and grandma. :) It has definitely been different having only one of the kids home this week. I feel more tired this week, than when I have all three of them here. Since the other 2 aren't around to help entertain Kailee, she has to have me in her sights all the time. It makes it a bit hard to get everything done and take care of her that way. :) The kids have been having a good time, though, so that is what matters. Well she is taking a bit of a catnap right now I better keep going with the rest of my work.
Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Free Sisters Wordart

Well Friday night was a lot of fun. It was nice to be able to watch the movie without one of the kids needing something or asking what is going to happen next. Kailee slept off and on through both movies. I have to say, though, that Paul and I were slightly disappointed by Harry Potter. :( Since there is so much to cover in this book a lot of things were cut and it didn't follow the book near as well as the last 5 have. We will still buy the DVD when it comes out, though. ;) 17 Again was a pretty good movie. It was quite funny.

The kids had a great time at the lake this weekend. By the time their grandma brought them home yesterday, they were absolutely beat. Hunter actually slept in this morning. They only got to go swimming on Saturday since the weather was a bit chilly this weekend. They both went tubing behind the boat and had a great time. Michaella even went fishing. They also spent time with a few cousins they don't get to see that often. Neither of them can wait to go again next year.

I'm down to just 2 kids this week. Michaella decided to go with Paul in the truck this week. Hunter stayed home, since he has his final Kinderball game tomorrow. The plan is to have him go with Paul next week. The kids really enjoy riding in the truck with Paul. This is the first time the two older ones have been apart from each other for more than a day. It'll be interesting to see how this goes. They have been each other's closest friend since the day we brought Hunter home from the hospital. When Michaella first started going to school, Hunter was lost without her here to play with.

Now time for some goodies. :) I have been meaning to make a wordart pack of sister quotes since I made this page of my girls for a Speed Scrap at Scrap Matters.


Well I have finally gotten it finished. :) And you get the reward! Woohoo! Each wordart is in both black and white. The links to download it are below the preview. Enjoy! :)

*Links expired*

Happy Scrapping,

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Christmas in July

Scrap Matters is having a SALE!!! Woohoo! :) Until Monday you can get 25% off all Christmas and Winter themed items. To celebrate the sale a bunch of the designers at Scrap Matters have released new Christmas kits and other Christmas themed items. Andilynn Designs has 2 new releases-Be Merry kit and Traditonal Christmas Word art. Here is a layout I did using the Be Merry kit.

I'm so excited, Paul and I are going to the drive-in tonight to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (and 17 Again)! I have wanted to see a Harry Potter movie there since it reopened a few years ago and they have finally gotten one. We are having sort of a date night. The 2 oldest are with the grandparents for the weekend, so we still have Kailee with us.

Well I better get her fed, so we can head over to the drive-in to wait in line to get in. The line has been really long the last few night. ;)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Long time, no post

Yikes, I can't believe it's been 2 months since I have last posted. :O Things have been pretty busy around here the last couple months with school getting out and all the kids' summer activities. But they are finally starting to wind down and I'm getting a little bit more time to get around to doing other things again. How is it that summer's are so much busier than during the school year it seems. This post might be a little long, so please bear with me. ;)

Anyway since I last posted we have gone camping, had bible school, gymnastics, swimming lessons and kinderball. (plus a few other things thrown in there)

Memorial Day weekend we took the camper out for the first (and probably only) time this year. Kailee did great. It was also Hunter's birthday that weekend, so we had his birthday party out at the campground. We had tried to do it last year, too, but unfortunately it got rained out. This year the weather was perfect for it. We also took the kids to the zoo. My parents' got us a membership for the zoo for Christmas. The kids had a great time, even Kailee. She got so excited when she seen the penguins. Paul thought she was going to jump right out of his arms. Her little legs and arms were just swinging all over.

The kids each got to pick one activity besides swimming lessons that they wanted to do this summer. Michaella chose gymnastics, just like she does every year. :) Hunter decided to try Kinderball, which is basically t-ball but the first week they played kickball just to get them used to running the bases and stuff. He's not quite sure yet if he likes it completely or not. He has definitely improved since the first week. Here's a picture of my little leaguer.

Michaella has been doing gymnastics since she three. We have it available for 2 weeks in the summer and 2 weeks in the fall. She absolutely loves it and is always asking when it starts again. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera this year. One of her closest friends' mom took a picture of the group, so hopefully I can get a copy of it from here.
They also had swimming lessons. Hunter passed, but Michaella did not. She was very close to passing it though. This was her first time at this level, so she did a great job. They didn't get to work on everything she needed to pass the level because there weren't enough kids signed up for levels 3 & 4 so they were put together.
This weekend Paul's extended family is headed to the lake. Every year they rent the group cabins at the state park and go for the weekend. Michaella and Hunter are so excited about getting to go again. They have such a fun time playing with all the other kids. They are going for the entire weekend with Paul's parents. Kailee and I will probably head up there on Saturday for the day. We'll have to see if Paul makes it home this weekend to go with us. He should be since he wasn't home last weekend.
Not only has my life been busy with all the kids' stuff this summer, I've had a few scrapping things going on, also. In May I participated in the Queen of Scrap competition at Scrap Matters. I managed to get just over 60 pages done for the month! :O I have never done that many pages in one month before. I unfortunately didn't make it into the top 10, but was quite impressed with the amount I completed. The ladies that did make it into the top 10 did a great job. Unfortunately it also kinda burnt me out for the month of June, too. :( I didn't get many pages done for that month. I finally seem to be coming out of my creative slump this week.
I also joined Andilynn Designs Creative Team. Woohoo! :) You can check out her store over at Scrap Matters. It's been so much fun to work with her stuff.
I also decided throw my hat in for the Creative Team contest over at Scrap Orchard. I got all the way to round 3, but was eliminated for the last round. There were quite a few very creative ladies competing and I was quite happy to have gotten as far as I did. Congrats go out to all the lovely ladies that made it all the way through! You all did an awesome job on your creations.
I hosted my first challenge over at the DIS Boards a couple weeks ago. Thanks to everyone who participated. I loved all the pages. For those of you that missed the challenge keep an eye on my blog because I may be offering the Mickey heads for a short time here on my blog later on. I'm also working on another participation prize so when I get that done I'll be hosting another challenge. :) If you haven't yet checked them out, head over to the DIS boards. Every Wednesday a new Disney Digiscrap challenge is posted.
I have also been slowly working on a new kit when I get a little bit of time between everything. (and when Kailee decided to take a bit of a nap. ;) ) I'm not sure when I'll get it finished but when I do I'll post it here. :)
Well anyway I better get to bed, since the kids will be up again in a few hours. :O Where does the time go in a day. It seems like I can never get to bed before 1:00 am lately.
Until next time (which hopefully won't be another 2 months), happy scrapping!