Saturday, May 18, 2013

Exciting Announcement

Have you been over to the ScrapMatters forum recently? A few designers over there have challenged themselves to scrap some pages. I decided to join them last weekend and challenged myself to scrap 15 pages by the end of the month. I got a 1/3 of the way there last weekend and hope to get some time to scrap some more this weekend. Already have Photoshop open and ready to go. :) You can follow our progress in the Scrap Chatter section.

How would you like to get one of my Icing pack for free today?! One of my CT members is hosting a speed scrap at Mouse Scrappers right now and look at what the participation prize is! I have donated this Icing pack for all those that complete a page! So if you are not busy right now head on over there and check it out.

 photo mhk_worldoffantasyprincessicing_preview_zps499212a7.jpg

In case you missed it last week I broke up my grab bag from iNSD and have all the individual pieces in my store that go along with this icing pack.

 photo mhk_worldoffantasy_preview_zps0138ca0e.jpg

 photo mhk_worldoffantasyprincess_preview_zpsa47937bc.jpg

 photo mhk_worldoffantasyalpha_preview_zps75fd6de0.jpg

You can grab the pieces separately or save and buy the whole bundle!

 photo mhk_worldoffantasyprincessbundle_preview_zpsbc51d781.jpg

Here is the page I made using the items from this collection.
 photo cschneider-single14_zps8e89a7be.jpg

And here are some fabulous pages from my CT & the ScrapMatters CT!

 photo magic5_zps921989c8.jpg

 photo World-of-Fantasy_zps6f10bd83.jpg

 photo TeacupsMKNov142012smaller_zps31d8a87c.jpg

 photo May01_smaller_zps69979c36.jpg

I have also decided it's time to have a CT call! To apply just click on the CT App tab at the top of my blog and fill it out. Call ends next Sunday, May 26 at midnight central time.

 photo ct-call_zps9c09d905.jpg

Until next time...Happy Scrapping!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

iNSD Grab Bag

Hope everyone is having a great interNational Scrapbook Day (weekend ;) ) so far!

We've had some excitement around our house the past couple weeks. One of the kids' rabbits finally had a live litter of baby bunnies! They have been trying all winter to breed the rabbits, but unfortunately every attempt prior to this has ended up in heartbreak for them. This time we ended up with 5 cute little bunnies that so far seem to be doing very well. They are hoping that a couple of them will be nice enough to show at fair this summer along with a couple of the older rabbits. This was their last shot at getting some juniors to show before the deadline for their animal identification to be turned in to the county. Kailee has already staked her claim on the smallest one of the group. She has named it "Tootsie Roll". lol. They are currently residing in my house because the temps have still not been the warmest around here, so we decided to make it easier on them and moved them inside. The kids are loving it! Every morning one of the first things they do when they get downstairs is check on them. (Ok I admit do I. ;) ) They are getting to be so cute!

It's hard to believe that my kids only have about a week and a half left of school. The weather here has been so crazy! The calendar may say May, but we just had about 3-4" of snow on Wednesday and today when we took the daycare kids on a walk we had to have them all bundled up because it was so cold outside. Last weekend we were having temps in the 70's to 80's. I'm ready for winter to finally just go away for a few months so we can finally enjoy some nice weather.

Who's ready for a great sale?!

 photo nsd-ad-1_zpsd448faf3.jpg

Not only is my entire shop (excluding bundles and collabs) on sale this weekend, I also have a fun grab bag for you this year inspired by one of my favorite places to visit. It also works great with all the girly girl stuff that my youngest likes to do. You can grab it at my ScrapMatters store through Sunday for only $4.00!

 photo mhk_worldoffantasygb_preview_zps0a7dad39.jpg

Check out what's inside this great bag.

 photo mhk_worldoffantasy_preview_zps0138ca0e.jpg

 photo mhk_worldoffantasyprincess_preview_zpsa47937bc.jpg

 photo mhk_worldoffantasyalpha_preview_zps75fd6de0.jpg

Here is some inspiration using the products in the grab bag from my CT.

 photo TeacupsMKNov142012smaller_zps31d8a87c.jpg

 photo May01_smaller_zps69979c36.jpg

 photo World-of-Fantasy_zps6f10bd83.jpg

Until next time... Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

iNSD at ScrapMatters

Check out all the fun stuff going on at ScrapMatters this weekend for iNSD!

 photo game-plan_zpsb9eff0a5.jpg