Sunday, August 28, 2011

Girly Girl Paper Pack

Wow what a week! I didn't know if I was going to get this week's challenge done or not at DSA. The kids started school on Monday and I thought that would mean I'd have more time during the days to work on it. I think I actually had less. lol.

The inspiration for this week's paper pack came from my youngest daughter. She is such a girly girl. Definitely more than her sister. She loves all things girly.

You can find the link to download this paper pack in the DSA gallery.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

DSA Challenge #3

This week we needed to make three alphas that coordinate with our mini kit from the first week. You can find the download link for them in the gallery at DSA. :)


Friday, August 12, 2011

DSA Challenge #2

Well now that we have finally started to get into the routine of having my husband home every night, we've decided to change things up again. lol. :) I got a job as a preschool teacher 2 mornings a week. So after 8 years of substitute teaching in the elementary school, I finally have my own classroom! I'm pretty excited, but nervous, too. There is a lot to get done before it starts the day after Labor Day. I went in to take a look at the room today and start getting it set up today. It got moved from the room it was in last year, and it looks like whoever moved it just took the stuff and threw it in boxes and brought it to the new room. There is stuff all over and mixed up. This might take me awhile to get it the way I want it. Not only do I have the room to get ready, I also have to start making my lesson plans and looking for ideas for that. I'll also be helping with the after school program and the school-age summer enrichment program. Thankfully the curriculum that they use is one that I did a presentation on in college, so it's not completely new to me.

Got my paper pack for the second challenge at DigiScrapAddicts posted! One of my friends put in a request for a school kit that wasn't primary colors. Since she has all girls their back-to-school clothes usually don't match the colors in most of the school kits out there. And since I tend to have that problem with my oldest, too, I was happy to oblige. I'm hoping to expand this with elements and more papers eventually. Just have to find the time to get that done. lol. ;) It probably won't be until after I get into the swing of the school routine, though.


You can find the download link for it in the gallery post at DSA.

Until next time...Happy Scrapping! :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Designer Apprentice Challenge #1 Kit

If you are here for either the ScrapMatters' blog train or the Blog Train Blog train scroll down a couple posts. :)

Whew! Finally got my kit done for the DSA Designer Apprentice challenge #1 done. (with a few hours to spare even.) I'm supposed to be camping right now but had to sneak home to quickly get it posted since I didn't have it quite finished before we left yesterday. lol. You can find the links to download it in the gallery at DSA here. Now to wait and see what kind of challenge we get tomorrow for next week. :)


SM Garden Party Blog Train

Welcome to the next stop on the ScrapMatter's Garden Party blog train! By now you should have collected all kinds of awesome goodies, but if you are just getting started you are in for a great treat. 

If you are here for the Blog Train Blog it's a few posts down. :) 

Here is a peek at my piece for you. 


Download here or here.

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You should have come from Ophelia's blog  and will now be headed on to Heidi. If you get derailed along the way just head back to the ScrapMatters blog where the entire list is posted. Don't forget to collect all the pieces to find all 10 pieces of the puzzle. When you have found all 10 pieces, put it together and upload it to your favorite photosharing site. Then pm Kat  at ScrapMatters the link to receive your coupon code. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Whimsical Words Challenge

I'm hosting the Whimsical Words challenge over at Scrapping Fairytales this month. I created a pack of summer themed word art for it and you can grab it for free using the coded posted in the thread. Hurry though because the coupon is only good until Aug 31.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

ScrapMatter's Birthday Celebration

Who's up for a birthday party this weekend? ScrapMatter's is turning 4 and it's time to celebrate!


Check out all the Speed Scraps and chats being hosted this weekend. Don't forget to stop by the forum, too, and check out the games being played.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Choo Choo! The train has enter the station

Welcome to the next stop on the Blog Train from the Blog Train Blog!

I have this cute little mini kit for you today. When I seen the swatch for this month's blog train I knew I wanted to do something kind of summery. Inspiration hit when I was getting my youngest ready for bed one night. I noticed that the colors in her pajama bottoms happened to be close to this color palette. Then it got me thinking about all the monarchs you start seeing around here as summer comes to a close. I just love watching them flutter around from one brightly colored flower to the next. I knew I just had to go with that for this kit. And that is how Butterfly Garden came to be.


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You should have come here from Pardon the Mess and will be continuing on to ViolaMoni. If you get lost or want to start at the beginning hop on over to the Blog Train Blog.

Hope you enjoy the mini kit! Make sure to stop back on Saturday for another freebie from the ScrapMatters blog train! :) I've also decided to compete in the DigiScrapAddict's Designer Apprentice this year, so be on the lookout for my submissions for that during the next month. I'll try to make sure to link you up to them when I get them posted over there.

Until next time...Happy Scrapping! :)