Friday, April 24, 2009

Catching up

Wow it's already been two weeks since I last posted. Things have been quite busy around here. The kids had a great time over Easter. The Easter bunny visited both here and at grandpa and grandma's, so Monday they had quite the sugar rush. Thankfully it was a nice day and I could send them outside to burn off some of that energy. :)
Last Saturday, I got to play photographer for my little sister's prom. It was the first time I took pictures for someone other than family. It was a very interesting experience. They had run out of time to set up a place for pictures, so when I got there I needed to find somewhere to take them. They didn't turn out too bad. I just have some editing to do on the background to tone it down a bit. Here's what my little sister's looks like when I finished editing it.

This weekend we are headed to a dance competition for Michaella. She is quite excited to be going. This will be her first year being able to participate. We are still trying to decide if we want to take the two little ones with us yet. It should be quite the experience. ;) All those excited girls in one place. :O She's excited she gets to wear make-up, too. Yikes! ;) I'm hoping we might be able to do a little shopping, too, beforehand. Can't go to the Twin Cities without a stop at the Mall of America, right? ;) Besides that I need my Disney fix from the Disney Store. And of course, since next weekend is National Scrapbook Day, I should really stop at Archivers and stock-up on some supplies to keep myself scrapping on Saturday. Kailee could also use some more clothes, too, since she is starting to outgrow the size she is in now. She's getting so big. I can't believe she will be 4 months on Sunday already. Time sure flies.

Anyway here are some layouts I've completed recently. Since Kailee was born I haven't been able to work with any of my paper pages, so I've been getting quite a few digital pages completed to keep up. That will change next weekend though. :) I'm getting to spend the entire day at the LSS store. Woohoo. I love going there for NSD. They always have great challenges and stuff. It fills up very fast every year, too. They started taking registrations for it on a Monday morning at 10 when they opened and when I called at 10:30 they were just about full already. I'm really looking forward to getting to work on some paper layouts again.

The first one I used my new Frog Princess kit. Click layouts for credits.

I participated in the last few Speed Scraps over at ScrapMatters and really like the way the layouts turned out.
This one is of Michaella and Hunter from when we went to Sea World San Diego in 2007. I'm slowly working on getting my California album done. I'm doing it in both paper and digital. It's still 3 volumes big though. :O What can I say I like to take a lot of pictures. ;)

Kailee really dislikes laying on the floor, so the other day when she was actually in a good mood I decided to quick take some pictures. I got some pretty good ones, but unfortunately I still had the laundry baskets and stuff on the couch behind her. :O So, with some creative editing I was able to get rid of the. The picture of the girls turned out really nice, but Michaella had on a neon orange and fuschia shirt. It was much easier to work with in black and white. ;)

Anyway I think that is about it for now. Hopefully the gallery is going again at ScrapMatter soon, so they don't have to cancel anymore Speed Scraps. They have one scheduled again for Tues. afternoon and Thur night. It sounds like May 1st-6th there are going to be 10! :O Woohoo! Can't wait. They have definitely helped me to think outside of the box for some of my layouts.
Until next time, keep scrapping. ;)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Frog Princess

One of the movies I'm most looking forward to coming out this year is Disney's new animated movie, The Princess and the Frog. Have you seen the trailer for it? It is so cute! You can view it on the movie's official website. I love that they are doing it in the old style animation like all the classic Disney movies. Even though technology has advanced so much since Walt did Snow White, there is just something about that type of animation that makes the movies great. Can't wait to hear all the great songs they come up with, too. :)
Well I decided what better inspiration than a Disney movie for a digital scrapping kit. ;) I teamed up with Project B Designs to create this great kit. It went into the store today! :) Check it out:

There are so many great items included in this kit. :)
You can pick it up here. Hurry and get it quick because it's on sale until next Friday.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pictures Take 2

Well pictures went much better today than they did on Saturday. :) Still not great, but much better. We got 5 good ones out of her before she decided she had enough. Of course I couldn't pass any of the poses up because she is such cutie, so I ordered a 10 x 13 that the 4 that aren't part of the package are on so I could cut them up and scrap them or whatever. :) Can't wait to get them back on the 20th. We started out in her dress, tights and little dress shoes. After the first picture I took off the shoes hoping to make her happier. It worked for a few more. Then tried a bottle because she had started on it before pictures. She didn't seem to want that, so the tights came off. ;) Boy did she start cooing and smiling for me then. Unfortunately the photographer was on the phone and by the time she got off the cooing was done. :( At that point she had enough. While I was picking out what pictures to choose, my mom finished feeding her, which of course brought on the cooing and smiles again. She can be a little stinker in front of the camera, that's for sure. At home whenever I have her smiling and cooing and think I'm going to get a pic of it, she stops as soon as sees the camera. Hunter was the same way. I had to sneak a picture of him to get his smile. It only took me about 4 months. :O Hopefully it doesn't take quite that long this time. ;)

On Tuesday I got Hunter and Michaella their first baseball gloves. They are so excited. They can't wait until they can go outside and play ball. Now we just have to get the ball. ;) They have been playing with a whiffle ball and bat the last couple years, so we decided to finally get them a regular ball and bat. Michaella has gotten pretty good at hitting the ball. Though she likes to make a line drive straight for the pitcher. Paul has been hit a couple of times. ;) Hunter still needs a bit of help when it's his turn. I think this summer we are going to sign him up for Kinderball.

Well I should really get to bed now because morning is fast approaching and Kailee has been getting up around 5:30/6:00 the last week or so.